Los Alamos Revisited:
A Worker’s History


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Los Alamos Revisited: A Worker’s History, is a newly released book by

Peter Malmgren and Kay Matthews that attempts to plug a significant hole

in New Mexico history. We spent five years collecting the working

histories of 150 folks in 25 small villages and towns in Northern New

Mexico. These people made significant contributions to the creation of

Los Alamos Labs and have never received any recognition for their

sacrifices and dedication to the work. We made certain promises to the

interviewees that we would find a way to tell their stories and after

many years we have achieved that goal. Now we reach out to readers, far

and wide, to read our book and hear the voices of these extraordinary

people. It’s become a kind of mission for us, to properly honor so many

who are not alive to receive that recognition.


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A Worker’s History”