Board Minutes January 2018

New Mexico Jewish Historical Society
Board of Directors Meeting
January 7, 2018,

Present: Alan Chodorow, Diane Chodorow, Cate Dixon, Linda Goff, Betty Harvie, Dianne Layden, Leba Pierce, Leona Rubin, Naomi Sandweiss, Paula Schwartz, Stu Simon, Rae Siporin, and Anne McCormick, administrator.

Minutes of the October 11, 2017 Board meeting were approved as distributed.

President’s Report

  • President’s report was circulated by email; there were no questions or discussion.
  • Marian Silver expressed concern to Linda about the loss of the ADL office in New Mexico and wondered if NMJHS would consider writing a letter to the office in Denver expressing our concerns in view of issues in NM. Rae suggested that before we do anything we contact Zach Benjamin, as he has been working with ADL director and president of Board; Dianne said that she is in touch with ADL and KOB-TV did an item last week; she will send a link to members of the board.
    • Stu suggested we contact Zach and see how we can coordinate with him.
    • Question as to whether Marian would be willing to fund an office or other activities.
    • Rae said that Scott Levin, head of the office in Denver indicated that loss of funds was reason for shutting office, but plan is to re-open in three years, if funds are received.
  • Linda said another issue is funds to preserve Temple Aaron, about $3,000. They have a $10,000 match and have set up a GoFundMe page to try to raise enough.
    • Concern about supporting too many different needs in addition to NMJHS special funds.
    • Temple Aaron has played an important role, not only in Colorado, but in NM.
    • Best is to let people know about GoFundMe page.
  • Linda brought up February Call-Up for Federation. She needs one more person. We are required to provide four people.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Expressed thanks to Rae for a year and a half service, bringing financial system up to snuff.
  • Alan Chodorow reported that NMJHS is financially sound. Income projections will be exceeded, while expenditure projections will not be.
  • Transition from Rae to Alan is basically complete and Alan thanks Rae for her help. There are still a few problems in Alan having complete access to everything he needs. He would like to improve some reports from the bookkeeping firm.
  • Budget preparation is in process. It is expected that the budget will be ready to present to the BOD at the February 18 meeting.

Membership Report

  • Sandra Dietz was not able to attend, but it was reported that membership renewal letters had been sent out.
  • Currently there are 309 paid memberships, the highest ever. That includes two new lifetime members.

Program Report

  • Currently, there is no program chair. That will be addressed during the Retreat portion.
  • February 11 there will be a program on Jewish Harlem. Posters will go up in the JCC and various places, Dianne will provide Journal contact info to Anne McCormick. There was discussion of details about registration, name tags, food service.
  • There is on-going preliminary conversation about what NMJHS will do in conjunction with other organizations on Israel’s 70th What we do will concentrate on NM involvement leading up to establishment of the State.

2018 Fall Conference Update

  • Betty Harvie distributed a report by email on the venue, which will be the Sheraton Uptown in Albuquerque.
  • A call for Proposals has gone out.
  • Richard has done some research on the Keynote speaker.


  • Dianne Layden gave a Legacy report.

Life & Legacy Program

  • Linda reported that we submitted an application to the Life and Legacy Program.

Proposed By- Laws Changes

  • Leave of Absence
    • Stuart gave a report on the background of a proposed amendment to the bylaw and read the proposed change concerning leave of absence.
      • A member of the Board of Directors may, with the approval of the Board of Directors, take a leave of absence for a period as determined by the Board. The board may approve a leave for periods not to exceed six months with one renewal at the Board’s discretion.  During the leave period, such member shall not be considered an acting member of the Board, including for purposes of attending meetings, determining quorums, or voting.
        • Leba said she cannot support the proposal.
        • Vote was taken: 9 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstention, passed.
      • Setting Board Member Term Limits
        • Linda asked the Nominating Committee to study the issue and report back to the BOD with a recommendation.
        • Discussion of the Board Participation Agreement.
        • Leba suggested members make presentations to Jewish organizations. Stu said we need to work up a standard presentation. Naomi volunteered to make a skeleton presentation that people on BOD could use to fill in. Alan suggested putting together a presentation for the Sparks program which is observed one Friday evening a month at B’nai Israel. Linda requested that Naomi have the skeleton by next BOD meeting on February 18.

Last Year’s Retreat Revisited

  • Linda gave a report on achievements of last year’s goals.
    • Unfinished business includes the southern part of the state. We have tried, made suggestions, but that area is uncoordinated; there are a few people scattered across a wide area.
    • Discussion of possibilities for using technology to include people in other parts of state.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:51 am.

Submitted by Cate Dixon,
Recording Secretary