The Goldsmith Family

The Goldsmith Family The Goldsmith family, originally from Germany, faced the challenges and rewards of being true Jewish pioneers in New Mexico. Clara Straus Goldsmith was the first Jewish (and possibly the first white) girl born in Denver. Her mother, Clara, died in childbirth and she was largely raised by her Uncle Abe and Aunt Rosa Goldsmith (originally Goldschmidt), whose farm was flooded by the waters of Cripple Creek. The Goldsmiths then settled in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Clara married a French Jew named Nathan Weil, who rode the range in Texas before settling down in Colorado and then New Mexico. Nathan eventually became a very successful merchant, sheep raiser and dealer, farmer, and the “Patron” of Ocate, a village north of Las Vegas. The fascinating and rich history of the Goldsmiths and related families was provided by Dorothy Bernheim Shipman, the granddaughter of Nathan and Clara Weil. Bernheim Clara Doc Colorado_Jews David Doc Dorothy_Bernheim_Shipman_et_al Genealogical_Correspondence Goldsmith Doc Heilbronner Henry-Sam Herzstein Newman Newsletters Roselawn Russell Strauss-Goldsmith Weil