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This year’s Fall Conference highlights:

  1. A collaborative partner of the major new Museum exhibit “Fractured Faiths: Spanish   Judaism, The Spanish Inquisition & New World Identities” with rare artifacts and papers from Spain, Mexico, and U.S. private and public collection;
  2. A bringing together of our friends and colleagues from Texas, Arizona, and Colorado.
  3. The presence of our 2nd Visiting Scholar: Professor Jonathon Israel, from the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton University to offer the Opening Keynote.

The 2016 Fall conference, “Jewish Identities: Lost, Rediscovered, and Reclaimed” will be held November 12 & 13, jointly at the Museum of History/Palace of the Governors and The Lodge at Santa Fe. As you know, The New Mexico Jewish Historical Society (NMJHS) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to promoting scholarship and awareness of the role of Jewish settlers who and communities which have contributed to New Mexico history for more than 150 years.

To help us celebrate these important occasions, we invite you to serve as a Conference Supporter or Sponsor in one of three ways:

  1. Become an Individual Conference Session Supporter @100.
  2. General Supporter or Sponsor @ $200
  3. Keynote Speaker Supporter or Sponsor @ $250;

Conference support also presents a special opportunity to make a contribution either “In Honor or Memory” of a Family Member or Friend. Your contribution is tax deductible and an acknowledgement letter will be provided to you. In addition, your name will appear on the Conference Program, and you will be recognized during the Conference. As a Sponsor, you can also add your business name but you do not get a tax deduction. Moreover, your continued support assists us to ensure a vibrant Society and programming over the next 30 Years!

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On behalf of the NMJHS Board of Directors, we thank you for your generous support which will allow us to continue to write the next 30 Years of New Mexico Jewish History!

* Supporters will be sent a tax deduction receipt for their contribution.

** Sponsors’ business name will be included if desired. No tax deduction is available for sponsors.