2017 Fall Conference: Calls for Proposals

Call for 2017 Fall Conference Papers and Sessions:

“Making a Difference:20th Century Jews and Their Legacies”

November 4 & 5, 2017

Las Vegas, N.M.

The New Mexico Jewish Historical Society invites individuals, groups, organizations, and
institutions to submit a proposal to present a paper or program panel session related to the 2017

Conference topic. The conference will focus on four broad themes:

1. Defining moments/events in 20th Century NM Jewish History and Southwestern Jewish History;
2. Individuals and Institutions that built 20th Century Jewish Communities in NM and the
3. Jewish culture in late 20 th NM and Beyond: The face of Jewish art, music, and writings;
4. What will be the future of the 21 st Century New Mexico and Southwestern Jewish

Other related topics will be considered. Individual speakers should plan for 30 minutes and panel
sessions should be no longer 60 minutes in length, including time for Q & A with the audience.

Proposal Guidelines and Submission:

The Conference Program Planning Committee requests that interested individuals or panelists
submit a proposal that includes the following:

1. Proposed Session Title;
2. Proposed Session Format: Individual speaker or panel session;
3. Proposed Name(s) and Titles of Presenter(s);
4. Proposed Length of Session;
5. Proposed Presentation Summary and/or Objectives of Presentation(s):
approximately 150– 200 words;
6. Executive Resumes or Curriculum Vitae of Speaker(s);
7. Audio Visual Requirements, Availability TBD;
8. Contact information, including mailing address, daytime or mobile telephone, and email

To learn more about the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society visit:


To ask questions about proposals, contact:

Harvey Buchalter, Linda Goff

Chair, Co-Chair

hcbuchalter@gmail.com, lagoff@hotmail.com

Please Send Electronic Copies of Proposal Submissions to:


OR (3) Hard Copies to:
2017 Fall Conference
c/o The New Mexico Jewish Historical Society
5520 Wyoming Ave. NE
Albuquerque, N.M. 87109

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Postmarked by March 1, 2017


APPROXIMATELY: April 1, 2017

All Speakers MUST register for the Conference.

In addition, we strongly encourage speakers NOT to read papers or read extensively from
Power Point, if used.